Frequently Asked Questions

Why Artificial Turf?

In today’s world of hustle and bustle, artificial turf is the solution to reduce costs and yard maintenance for all Phoenix homeowners. Installing artificial grass will increase the amount of outdoor free time you have because you won’t have to spend it watering, mowing or edging, no more fertilizing lawns, or cleaning up dirt and debris you tracked into your home. You never have to worry about grass allergies. Synthetic turf, installed properly by the right contractor, can give you back your beautiful lawn without the hassles that accompany a natural grass lawn in Arizona. Products used by Agape Turf are aesthetically pleasing, affordable and have a realistic look. Artificial turf installation will increase property value as well.

Are there warranties and what do they cover?

Yes, synthetic turf comes with a manufacturers warranty that is honored by the distributor of the turf.

Can’t I save considerable money by not using a company that has a current Arizona Contractor’s license and is in good standing?

By using licensed contractor, like Agape Turf, you are assured that the contractor has adequate knowledge and experience to do your job right, and that they are covered by the necessary bonding, insurance and workers compensation insurance to protect you, your home or your business, Agape Turf can service your entire synthetic grass installation from the base preparation through turf installation. Without a license, you are personally liable for what happens to your property. In most cases, Agape Turf can be extremely competitive with licensed and unlicensed contractors.

What kind of maintenance does artificial turf require?

Maintenance is more of a matter of keeping the turf clean rather than maintaining. Remove organic materials from the surface, a leaf blower (ideal tool for general upkeep) or a lawn sweeper usually will remove organic materials. Rakes may be required for removing heavier objects and a stiff, natural bristle broom can be used to “fluff” high traffic areas.

Will weeds be a problem?

Weeds cannot grow through the tough, poly turf backing. Occasionally, some may appear along the border but the application of your favorite weed killer will eradicate them.

Does artificial turf stain?

Not if basic care is taken when something is spilled. Any household cleaner may be used including bleach and other cleaners. Agape Turf’s products can hold up against most chemicals including turpentine or paint thinner for those times when paint may be spilled on grass.

Why doesn’t it fade?

It has a built-in UV protection solution that will allow Agape’s grasses to hold its color even under adverse conditions, including the harsh Arizona sun.

How hot does the grass get?

The grass does not stay as cool as natural grass, but does not absorb and radiate heat like pavement, rock or brick. It will be functional even in the Arizona summers, especially in the evening and morning hours. If the turf is desired to be used in the heat of the day, spraying with water will cool it down in seconds.

Why does artificial turf have a sheen or a wet look to it?

The sheen on the turf is the UV Stabilizer. After the turf is installed and gets some dust and dirt on it there will be less and less shine.

How much does it cost?

When considering all the real costs associated with a well-kept natural grass lawn it will be quite affordable, paying for itself in a matter of a few years…..not to mention the added convenience and time savings for not having the upkeep. Agape Turf provides free quotes, not estimates.

Will my Home Owners Association (HOA) allow it?

Most approvals by HOAs only apply to front yard application. We have yet to have a problem. As a matter of fact, Agape Turf products have been designated as the only grasses allowed for front yard application by an HOA. We will support you in any presentation needed to be given to your HOA.

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